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The Nonprofit Management Group, LLC (NMG) is a consulting firm organized specifically to help nonprofits enhance their leadership capabilities and strengthen their business orientation. Our clients often have the capability to be successful, even in difficult economic situations, because they recognize that they must be constantly looking for new ideas and perspectives to be able to compete with the best.

The Nonprofit Management Group is lead by Fred Leeb, winner of the 2007-2008 Turnaround of the Year Award from the Detroit Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association.

Turnaround Management Association Names Fred Leeb & Associates Winner of the 2007-2008 Turnaround of the Year Award

In today's difficult financial and competitive times, leadership credibility is the first priority and is more important even than cash. NMG helps nonprofit managements to work through difficult situations by quickly building a business plan, then by gaining credibility with stakeholders and finally by operating in a pragmatic business-like manner.

NMG specializes in nonprofit consulting situations where people are ready to get out of the mode of fighting fires, working with little or no cash and not having the time to implement fundamental change. We generally can help even when nonprofit managements think they no longer have the resources to go forward.

We quickly solve chronic problems that nonprofit business organizations may face from having:

  • Gaps in communication between the board and the staff
  • A budget in place but no effective long-term nonprofit business plan, sometimes causing leaders to jump from crisis to crisis
  • Cash flow problems and the need for a workout consultant
  • Intensifying competition; no obvious competitive advantages
  • No nonprofit strategic planning; no concrete action plans to implement nonprofit strategies
  • Nonprofit management resources that are spread too thin over too many programs
  • Losses of good board members and volunteers
  • No resources for reinvestment, training or consulting expertise
  • The need for a nonprofit interim CEO or nonprofit interim executive director

For more than a decade, the consultants of the Nonprofit Management Group have been extensively involved in nonprofit turnarounds and the operations and governance of nonprofit organizations in many states including Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Minnesota, Virginia, Connecticut and Missouri. We have first-hand experience as nonprofit change agents from all perspectives--as a staff person, as a board member, as a board leader and as a consultant.

The nonprofit sector has changed drastically and now each nonprofit organization must compete very aggressively in a sophisticated business-like manner.

NMG's multi-disciplined, practical approach:

  • Enhances the organization's business orientation,
  • Improves the relationship between the nonprofit CEO, the nonprofit board and its stakeholders, and
  • Enables successful nonprofit fundraising, planning and hiring to achieve greater success.

Today's nonprofit can no longer rely on nonprofit fundraising miracles or continual cost cuts.

The Nonprofit Management Group stands out from other consulting firms because of the experience of our people in successful for-profit and nonprofit turnarounds, enabling a solid foundation for future growth.

Please contact NMG today at 248-683-5295.

All contents are Copyright © 2008 the Nonprofit Management Group, L.L.C.


“We could not be happier with the results achieved in such a relatively short time…. Our relationship with our bank is excellent. Our relationship with the various government agencies that fund our operations has greatly improved as our financial condition has improved. Our auditors are happy with the turnaround…. You were a true partner with the Board and we are very grateful. I can recommend you without reservation….”

Bill Mitchell, Chairman
Starfish Family Services

"Dear Fred:

We have been receiving some "rave" reviews about your “performance” at our meeting last night. On behalf of Paul and the board members, staff, and volunteers, thank you for shedding new light on our work and for inspiring us to think and plan in new ways. Thank you very much, and we will keep in touch."

Myra Jacobs, M.A.
Executive Director
National Bone Marrow Transplant Link

"I feel so very fortunate to have your help, support and expertise. You’ve added so much to our agency and I look forward (finally!) to a wonderful new year.”

From the client’s CEO

“Mr. Leeb performed all the functions of the Executive Director in an exemplary fashion…. In essence, he transformed a completely dysfunctional organization into one that communicated internally and was focused on performing the task at hand…. most importantly, Mr. Leeb was able to instill a level of honesty and professionalism that had been absent for many years.... Minneapolis owes a sincere debt of gratitude to the work accomplished by Mr. Leeb.”

From the President of the client’s board

“Fred is a dynamic business leader with a great propensity for self-direction, performance, and additionally coaching and working with key staff and Board Members. Fred was able to identify specific financial issues, recommend creative solutions and implement changes enabling the JCC to mitigate losses while creating a strategic short term plan to regain a solid financial footing. I have developed a keen respect for Fred and his ability to perform a quality job in the midst of a very chaotic and transitional work environment.”

From the President of the client’s board

“… A very accurate report. Well done. Thank you for your efforts and involvement with this project.” “I would be happy to serve as a reference for you at any time in the future.”

From the client’s Controller

“You have done an excellent job in taking a fresh look at our business. You have shown us how to learn from our mistakes and have given us creative new ideas to turn our company around and make it successful again. I only wish that we would have hired you a long time ago. Shame on us if we don’t follow through now and fully implement these changes.”

From the client’s CEO

“You are doing an excellent job. Until you got there we had no idea about what was really going on with payroll taxes, sales taxes, cash transactions with vendors, employees and customers, loans to employees, time clock usage, inventory controls, accounting systems, payments to vendors, computer system backups, reports and many other matters. There is no substitute for having a person right there on-site to know what is really going on. Now that you are there the situation is much, much better. With hindsight, we should have brought you in much earlier. Now things are going much more smoothly.”

From the client’s attorney